Organ Transplant Transport

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Federal Air Ambulance has experience in providing several unique medical transport services.

Organ Transplants

Federal Air Ambulance is a reliable and trustworthy source for providing emergency air ambulance transports to organ transplant facilities.

Nearly always, when an organ becomes available for a transplant candidate, the flight is a time-sensitive mission. At Federal Air Ambulance, we recognize that response time is critical, and our Flight Coordinators are always prepared to respond on a moment’s notice. Year after year, we rush hundreds of transplant candidates to distant transplant centers, where these patients receive their organ transplant procedures and begin the journey to recovery.

Facilities which focus on organ transplant procedures keep us on call for emergency medical flight transports. Transplant coordinators and organ transplant candidates typically confer with us in advance, pre-arranging pick-up locations and payment arrangements. Organ procurement and organ transplantation are time-sensitive procedures; therefore, planning ahead is always a good idea. We recommend you share any available details in advance.

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