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Federal Air Ambulance has been a reliable, trusted provider of medical air transport services for 44 years. We are the oldest private fixed-wing air ambulance provider in America. Through the years we have developed expertise in several unique areas of transport service needs.

Organ Transplant Transports
We are a premier provider of organ transplant transport services. At a moment’s notice, Federal Air Ambulance can be ready to pick up an organ recipient and fly them to their destination with the same urgency and precision that is required of all organ transplant specialists. MORE…

Military Patient Transports
Federal Air Ambulance is veteran owned and operated. We honor the men and women who have served our country by providing the best medical air transport available today. VA Medical Centers across the country turn to Federal Air Ambulance to transport both active-duty and veteran patients of the U.S. military. In compliance with the latest regulatory directives we have been verified as Veteran-owned by www.vetbiz.gov.

International Patient Transports
Over the years we have transported many international patients back to their home country. Patients are often uninsured visitors or migrant workers who have been injured while in the United States. Typically the patient does not have insurance, nor can the cost be billed to Medicaid or Medicare; therefore, the medical facility absorbs the treatment and therapy costs. Once the patient is medically stable and capable of transport, we return them to their homeland for continued care. The transport cost is usually a fraction of the cost of long-term unreimbursed hospital care. We have recently transported patients to Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, China, Australia, India, Korea and Africa.

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